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Our 7 Week Short Course Programme

Welcome to our short course programme. Your programme will be tailored to your personal goals. 7 weeks have been scientifically proven to be a habit-changing time frame. By the time you complete this programme, the desire to train will be a part of your mindset and the hunger to progress further will be in your belly.

Lewis Pacey


I can’t recommend Pete and system 21 enough! The programme is easy to follow and the results I got were amazing! It managed to change my whole focus on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to get to. My focus was to lose weight and gain strength and with Pete’s help and guidance I’ve achieved that and more!
Thanks Pete

What To Expect With Our System7 Programme...

Weight loss, muscle gain or strength, we can definitely make big progress in the next 7 weeks. With our programme & support and your commitment, we will get there together.


  • Email Consultation Process
  • 7 Weeks of Complete Programming  
  • Gym/ Fitness Introduction Welcome Pack (10 Videos)
  • App To Receive All Programming
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Members Area Access
  • Nutritional Planning & Coaching
  • Online Support Throughout
  • Professional Advice on Metric Taking & Progress Photos

Here at System21, we want you to have all the tools that you would ever need to achieve your goals in your fitness journey. We fully know how much of an impact fitness can have on someone’s life both physically and mentally and if you trust our system and put in the hard work our programmes will get you to when you need to be. It’s like anything in life, if you put in 20% effort you will get 20% results… These are not, “get strong quick” programmes, or loss 5bls in a week sitting watching tv… these are programmes that will achieve real results if you put the work in. Check the results from what previous clients have said after going through a System21 programme.

Our 7 Week Programme is Just £169

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Jonathan Sheerin


Would recommend System21 100%, never thought I would be satisfied with the boring weight lifting programmes until I gave this programme a try. Started to build a decent amount of muscle for a complete weight lifting beginner and made massive improvements in every aspect of my training. Massive improvement in running times, the way I feel before, during and after running. This programme can be used alongside your current training regime or as a stand-alone programme to suit your needs. This for me is now a way of life and not just a fad training programme for fast results. Thanks, Pete for showing me the way after years of sensible eating and way too much cardio with no results. This programme is a game-changer if you are willing to put the work in
Thanks, Pete

S21 Train Smart Video Series

Here you have access to all our video content from our s21 Train Smart video Series. This is basically our way of giving you as much information from the 20 years experience we have gained in the fitness industry. Here at System21 we don’t believe in holding back and keeping things for ourselves so once you sign up to any of our programmes you get everything we have. Click the link below and start watching now, if there is a video you would like to see that we haven’t made then please drop us a message and let us know and we will create it. new content will be added weekly so make sure you keep checking back.

Our 7 Week Programme is Just £169

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Rich Collings


Since being with Pete PT Bruce and the System 21 transformation programme, it’s only contributed to giving me more confidence and drive me to reach goals I never thought I could. My preference to train is definitely strength, but the way this program is tailored to my needs, Volume and Shred sessions contribute to the final goal!
System 21 has well and truly become a part of my routine and without this to look forward too, I wouldn’t like to think where my mindset could be now!
Massive thank you for the structure, knowledge and good bants 😂💪💪

System 21 has been created to increase your performance both physically and mentally, get you in to shape and be the best possible version of you!

Start your transformation today!

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