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System21 is a product of fitness mastery and precision built by head coach, Pete Bruce. With nearly 20 years in the sport and fitness industry and delivering 15,000+ hours coaching helping shape and improve the lives of many, we have got this programme RIGHT. Our vision is clear, ‘why just coach a few when we can coach many?’……….. We have packaged up every element of successful coaching, taken everything that works incredibly well and cut out all the industry BS to produce the best transformation package on the market.

Our mission is simple! You spend your hard-earned cash on a programme and give up your valuable leisure time to strive for the best version of yourself you can be and you can trust us to deliver RESULTS above and beyond your expectation, FUN and REWARDING workouts that are guaranteed to challenge your inner and physical strength and above all the SUPPORT you’d expect from someone you have trusted to guide you to your goals. From nutrition to exercise you don’t want or need the confusion of conflicting opinions or social media posts, we do the strategy and we do the thinking for you. The online platform allows us to put your bespoke programme and nutritional needs in your hand. Diet….. we don’t use that word; we believe the key to results is sustainability! Being able to eat the foods we enjoy, celebrate those special occasions without restriction and train to realistic time frame are all a part of our simple philosophy, System21 is an enjoyable experience and will become a way of life you look forward to and not a fad or chore we complete to chase a dream that isn’t even yours to chase. This is your body, your mind and your transformation so come and get it.

S21 Train Smart Video Series

Here you have access to all our video content from our s21 Train Smart video Series. This is basically our way of giving you as much information from the 20 years experience we have gained in the fitness industry. Here at System21 we don’t believe in holding back and keeping things for ourselves so once you sign up to any of our programmes you get everything we have. Click the link below and start watching now, if there is a video you would like to see that we haven’t made then please drop us a message and let us know and we will create it. new content will be added weekly so make sure you keep checking back.

Client results

Here at System21, we are really proud of our client’s results that have gone through programmes and completely smashed them! Both Physically and mentally the results truly speak for themselves just like the constant positive feedback we recevie which gives us a real sense of pride knowing we are helping people day in, day out achieve their goals and help them with their transformations. 

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'Where The Hell Do I Start?'

The fitness industry is so huge you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘where the hell do I start?’ from the different types ranging from sports to the weights room. We specialise in the “how to use the gym”. And again, this can be an absolute minefield, ‘cardio, strength, bodybuilding, flexibility’ already these words will have people scratching their heads as to how these are achieved. Then we have all the names of the different lifts, knowing our bench press from our squats or our deadlifts from our chin-ups and this is before we even consider technique, repetitions and sets! Add all this to the current climate of COVID-19 measures, having our gym time potentially limited it’s more vital than ever to enter the gym with a clear plan of action or a ‘programme’. There are many reasons why people use the gym nowadays but there is always a universal common goal and that’s to be a better version of themselves, improvement in physical or mental health, to become stronger or fitter, the become more flexible or less susceptible to injury or illness, to lose weight or gain mass the common agenda is to improve an area of health and wellness.

Education and coaching are such a valuable investment in a fitness journey, a good coach (online or face to face) will take into consideration of many factors from body metrics to personal goals & current skill level. A great coach will figure out what makes you tick. They will create a programme that fits your needs and will offer avenues of dialogue to ensure you’re motivated, up to speed and be ready to answer those questions. You will want to know what exercises you need to be performing every session, how many repetitions and how many sets of each exercise. You will want personal accountability; your coach will want to know that you’re doing everything correctly. Your coach and your determination will be the difference between your journey and the guy with no plan on the other side of the gym.

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System 21 has been created to increase your performance both physically and mentally, get you in to shape and be the best possible version of you!

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