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I have been a personal trainer for 11 year years but I have studied and worked in sport and fitness since leaving school in 1999. One of the main reasons I went into fitness was because of the strength and conditioning aspect and sports injury rehabilitation side of the industry. I was a keen and very able sportsman as a youngster, having been scouted for trials for a number of professional clubs and also a national standard javelin thrower and sprinter. In 2000 I suffered a medial knee ligament rupture in a school PE lesson that led to me not being fit for trials with 2 professional football clubs that month and subsequently I gave up on that dream at that point. Looking back on those days I knew I had more to give and had I knew then what I know now I’d have most certainly undergone a higher level of rehabilitation and would potentially have avoided injury altogether had I undertook the right strength and conditioning beforehand. My study from here on in became fixated on ‘bigger, fitter, faster and stronger’ I learned that by having a well thought out plan of action and ‘trusting the process’ you can get incredible results in whatever your goal may be. My study was to fortify myself with all the knowledge I’d require to plan, produce and execute the very best programmes for whatever the goal might be.

  • Level 3 BTEC sports science
  • Foundation Degree in Sports Therapy
  • Level 2 Gym Instruction
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • BSc Sports Psychology Undergraduate

The Birth Of System21

Back in 2017, I went on holiday with the family in May and when I returned I remember a huge dip in my motivation, my training and enthusiasm were substandard for months but no matter what I tried or copied from the internet and other coaches I couldn’t improve. I found nobody was offering anything that presented the goals, method or programming that made me hungry for success.

I sat quietly and really thought about what I was I wanted, what would I be hungry for and what ultimately would find my training appetite. On a scruffy little note pad I wrote down some of my favourite exercises and I decided if I was to grow, what I lifted needed to grow first! My skill set and my knowledge finally had a purpose, forging the periodised programming capabilities of strength and conditioning and my knowledge of the aesthetics and bodybuilding industry, I was creating something that had real purpose and direction.

This was to be a programme that presented challenge and variety, a fully customisable performance programme that would improve strength and function through fun and engaging training…… it just so happened body transformations are just a very reliable byproduct of consistency! My results at this point were obvious, my maximum deadlifts, bench press and squat numbers were skyrocketing like I had never seen before. All aspects of my training were increasing, the numbers, the fitness, the strength and my appetite.

My hunger and enthusiasm were back and bigger than ever, I was always itching to get back in the gym after my shift to attack those numbers, to be a bigger, better, faster and stronger. My mindset and focus had returned and my attitude and mental clarity were better by miles. 21 weeks from the end of that holiday and to when I had summarised the first set of results and I couldn’t believe what I had achieved! My big lifts had all increased by at least 40%, my physique was something else! My shoulders looked like boulders and my chest and arms would stretch every t-shirt I owned, my legs never felt strength like it. Not only had I transformed visually but mentally I was ready to take anything on, I felt powerful and probably the fittest I had ever been. I wanted to do it all over again! 21 weeks! I had it all down on paper! I had made the very first ever SYSTEM21…….

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