Motivation! A word that gets thrown about a lot, ‘I’ve lost my motivation’ or ‘I need to get motivated’ how about ‘I feel really motivated at the moment’……. what is this motivation and where does it come from? There are two parts to motivation that we need to understand: part one, intrinsic motivation (I consider this the more important one and I’ll explain why). Intrinsic motivation is anything and everything that gets you going from within yourself, your goals relate to yourself and reasons are for personal reasons. Motivation to stay healthy because you’d like a longer more fulfilling life or to lose weight because you want to fit in those close again and look like the version of yourself you desire to be. I like personal bests, no better feeling than being able to lift a personal best deadlift or to run a lap of the block quicker than I’ve ever done. Personal bests are applicable to anyone & everyone and provide a goal specific to you and target improvement. I’ve worked with everyone from elite athletes to the physically ‘disabled’ (disability is a term I use very loosely as I believe there is always scope to challenge ability and to adapt and overcome) so we could take a new 3RM squat personal best and equally compare that to a new maximum effort of continuous bodyweight squats to someone who requires a wheelchair for instance. The reward in both examples are potentially equal, the thrill, excitement and achievement are both motivational for the individual and present future challenge for further improvement that’s personal to themselves and also perceived as realistic as they have just overcome the previous increment of their journey.

The second part of motivation I believe we shouldn’t rely upon but it’s there just in case we need it. Extrinsic motivation: motivation that we absorb or draw in from our environment, this could be a poster of our favourite bodybuilder or celeb, it could be a motivational speech or quote we listen too on a podcast or internet link, it could even be a friend or someone we know who has completed an awesome transformation of their own. This type of motivation I personally like to label as ‘inspiration’ as I feel these mediums of media are always there if we need to top up the motivation we have from our intrinsic needs. We all have those days don’t we, ‘not feeling it today’ or ‘lost my motivation’ but it’s vital we search inside ourselves and remind ourselves of our personal reasons before we reach for the podcasts or ‘extrinsic motivational inspiration’ that reminder of wellness and self-improvement firstly and then add Arnold’s ‘ladder of success’ speech on top of this could provide the tonic to get up and get the job done.

Never forget the reason you started, always chase a new personal standard because you want it. You should want to improve yourself more than anyone else wanting to help you. Only draw upon the extrinsic motivation of media if your personal reasons require a little inspiration to get going. Nobody should want this more than you, so go and get it! Don’t try to be someone else, try to be the best version of yourself you can be.

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